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Nyeredzi Ridge is an exclusive gated community integrating ancient wisdom and modern sustainable living. It boasts a balanced combination of residential, commercial, and civic designs brought together to create a desirable urban living experience with lifestyle-enhancing utilities and amenities.

Located in North-West Borrowdale, this community is self-contained, offering its residents everything they need to thrive as they live, work and play sustainably. Each aspect of the development was created to create a healthy, holistic living experience for each of its residents.

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Live, Work, Play sustainably

Design Principles of Nyeredzi Ridge

The Nyeredzi community is self-contained, offering its residents everything they need to thrive as they live, work and play sustainably. We provide so much value we are sure to make top pick for anyone looking to buy property in Harare and Zimbabwe in general.

01. Live

Middle-income home-buyers, at all stages of life, can have a home here. Available to them are fully serviced mid-density single-family stands, ranging in size, as well as one-, two- and three-bedroomed apartment-style garden flats. The developer offers an array of house plans, designed by our in-house architects, for purchase, catering to the full spectrum of potential homeowners. All the homes are designed with an emphasis on liveability and function; with various customizable options available.

02. Work

There is land dedicated to commercial development highlighted by a neighbourhood shopping centre anchored by a grocery store. In addition to this, a commercial office and innovation centre. These co-working facilities will provide flexible leasable workspaces for small and medium-sized businesses to promote a creative and collaborative environment. Nyeredzi Ridge’s residents will have access to a pharmacy, hardware store, salon, and café; as well as other goods and services that will cater directly to our community.

Equipped to meet our community’s health and wellness needs, Nyeredzi Ridge will provide essentials in the form of a small integrated medical campus, an urgent care facility and other complementary medical facilities, such as maternity and dialysis clinics. Our property features two sites allotted for progressive educational institutions to provided relevant learning experiences to tomorrow’s leaders.

03. Play

Recreation is a necessary component of a complete lifestyle and provides an opportunity to fully relax, fuel imagination, expand creativity and improve emotionally well-being. Our approach to recreation focuses on community wellness and engagement with nature, including multi-functional open spaces for individuals and community interaction.

There are over nine (9) hectares of carefully curated parkland and recreational features including a community Clubhouse, with playgrounds, events space, tennis/basketball courts, and swimming pools. The streetscapes include pedestrian walkways to allow safe easy access for residents to all the available amenities on the Property.

04. Sustainability

Nyeredzi Ridge is committed to sustainability by having a reduced carbon footprint and limiting the amount of toxins into the environment. Our on-site waste-water system, which uses grey water reticulation for site-wide landscape irrigation, will significantly lower water usage. An on-site Bio-digester will service the residential stands and process household waste material using less emission of greenhouse gasses.

Each of our major streets throughout the property will have automatic solar lights to provide adequate lighting for cars and pedestrians for added security. A potential on-site solar power utility is being considered. This could power the community, reduce dependency on ZESA, while feeding into the national grid.

Our Amenities


Available are serviced single-family stands and garden flat complexes sited over three (3) lots. Future amenities include two (2) school sites, a neighbourhood shopping centre, commercial office space, and a small medical campus with urgent care centre and other supporting medical facilities. In addition, Nyeredzi Ridge boasts over nine (9) hectares of parks and recreational facilities anchored by a clubhouse. Each aspect of the development was created to create a healthy, holistic living experience for each of its residents.


Project Phases


The development of the Nyeredzi Ridge Project is divided into phases to facilitate a progressive and efficient growth strategy. We currently have two phases with phase 1 fully compliant and ready to build and for title. Phase 2 is currently being serviced with completion expectation in 2025.

Phase One

Phase one of the project began in October 2021, consisting of servicing 36 hectares with 390 stands. The servicing included laying road and sewer infrastructure. The Alpes Road entrance was also erected to ensure ease of access to the site.

Phase Two

Phase 2 began in July 2022, with road and sewer infrastructure being expanded across the entire site. Our bio-digester is also being constructed, as well as our water tanks for storage and an access road via Borrowdale road

    PHASE 1
  • 100+

    Stands Sold
  • PHASE 2
  • 1000+

    Stands Available